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Specialty's state-of-the-art facilities and equipment help to complete a job faster and more economically than our competitors.

  • Fabricate carbon steel & exotic metals

  • Jacketed pipe fabrication

  • Module skid fabrication complete with electrical & instrumentation

  • Pressure vessel fabrication to ASME Requirements - "U" stamp holder

  • Pressure piping fabrication to ASME requirements - "PP" stamp holder

  • Repair work to pressure vessel & pressure piping - National Board "R" Stamp Holder

  • Pipe hangers & supports

  • Orbital welding

  • Fiberglass Pipe Fabrication

  • Custom pipe bending
    1/2" to 4" by Leonard Precision Pipe Bender

  • Sandblasting & painting facilities

  • UA label shop

  • Member of the Pipe Fabrication Institute (PFI)

  • Quality Control Systems


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